Faces of Birmingham

The concept came from the word “essential” and those we value for doing essential jobs.

The unseen.

We thought about how many of the “unseen” come from local communities and minorities. We looked at sectors and communities in order to showcase those workers who never stopped or could not stop, even if they wanted to: the drivers, the teachers, the cleaners, the carers, the parents, etc. The hands that keep the city going.

We ran it as a pilot and we are thankful for the support received from our sponsors, a good example of collaboration. The pilot is now closed.

Building on the pilot, we set up a project consisting of photography workshop(s) to be announced.These workshops will likely take place in and around Birmingham. People are welcome to come and have their picture taken. It would be a nice occasion to rediscover the city safely.

There are good stories to tell that show the connections between those who live and study in Birmingham and the society at large. The pictures will simply give a glimpse of these stories and the final album will portray the underlying complexities that make Birmingham such a colourful place to be.

The second phase of the project has been grant funded by The POhWER Hodge Hill Neighbourhood Network Scheme.